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What are composites? What is FRP?

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What are composites?

Composites are defined as materials which consist of not less than two different component materials, neither of which are well suited for construction purposes on their own, but which in combination result in a very strong and rigid material.

In fact, Composites have been known and used in construction for thousands of years. Straw mixed with clay for building clay huts in the Stone Age is one example. Steel-reinforced concrete is an example from modern times. In combinations of this type, tensile force is absorbed by the steel reinforcement, while the concrete absorbs the compressive load.

Composites basically consist of reinforcements and matrix and can be roughly divided into three groups according to the adopted matrix, which are metallic matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites and polymer matrix composites.

Typically, reinforcing materials are strong with low densities while the matrix is usually a ductile, or tough, material.If the composite is designed and fabricated correctly, it combines the strength of the reinforcement with the toughness of the matrix to achieve a combination of desirable properties not available in any single conventional material---That is also the consequence& charm of composites.

What is FRP?

FRP, which is the abbreviation of fiber-reinforced plastic, is a kind of composite material and belong to polymer matrix composites.

That mean FRP is made of polymer matrix reinforced with fibers.

The polymer matrix is usually an epoxy, vinylester of polyester thermosetting plastic while the fibers are usually fiberglass, carbon or aramid.

FRP, with its good properties of light weight, high strength, excellent anti-corrosion and electrical insulation, etc, it can be widely used. The major applications are in the fields of aerospace, military, electrical utility, mining, ocean engineering…..