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Advantages of FRP rock bolts

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1. Low weight and high strength

FRP rock bolts have double the strength of standard steel, but only a quarter of the weight. The low weight facilitates handling. The FRP bolt is produced using high quality fibres, with a high fibre content of approximately 80%. The fibers are embedded in either a polyester or winylester or epoxy resin matrix. This gives the rod a high tensile strength prominient in the longitudinal directions.

2. Corrosion-resistance

FRP rock bolts are corrosion resistant and therefore the only currently available system which can be regarded as permanent, even under difficult conditions with aggressive water and rock deformations. These products are used more and more increasingly for soil reinforcement and ground anchoring.

3. Excellent cuttability

FRP rock bolts are easy to cut and that can help to protect the toolbit of coal cutter.

4.Anti-static conditioning (optional)

For application in tunnelling and mining an anti-static coating can be applied as an option to avoid any sparks in explosive environment.

5. Continuous threaded profile

Due to its continuous thread profile, the FRP rock bolts offer a maximum bondage with all the grouting material and also concrete. The continuous thread profile has a great possibility to connect with couplers in any length and also can take high ultimate load.

6. High end loading

The special thread profile and an optimized matching between bolt thread and nut thread ensure high end loads that can almost reach the level of steel anchor systems.