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Fiberglass reinforced plastic bridge industry outlook analys

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Foam is the excessive growth of fictitious capital economic phenomenon. Bubble away from the main performance is a price worth economic phenomenon. For example, in market economic activities, through a variety of "fanaticism" of the drive up, speculation and other activities, making a commodity, an asset or a company's stock price soared, the rapid expansion of the expansion, a number of times to stay away from its value. This surge in the formation of high-priced several times, not long-term maintenance, the same will eventually burst like a bubble.
2006, glass and steel bridge industry has entered a new round of reshuffle stage, the relevant policies have been introduced, prices of raw materials, fuel oil prices, so that FRP bridge industry profit era. In the dual space and profits under pressure, fiberglass bridge industry suffer a wave of shock, industry professionals have varying degrees of concern. In addition, the country's macro-control, glass and steel bridge industry market will enter a period of adjustment, glass and steel bridge profits, prices and shrinking profit margins increasingly tends to rationalize. In order to make glass, steel bridge industry towards a more healthy development track, national authorities and industry associations should develop a more standardized criteria, to promote China's FRP profiles market toward a more rational and healthy direction.
FRP bridge industry in the froth of living space
Looking glass FRP bridge industry, and its territory is growing production base, first in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong; followed by that of Hebei, Hunan, Hubei; Then the gradual rise of Henan provinces, as well as are continuing to develop in all directions .
What makes China FRP bridge on the development of the industry in the last decade to the point? And local products, innovation, quality, brand, price and service there is a considerable gap, as well as some companies now are constantly emerging problem of existence, although there are companies fell, but less than two months, but there are always new companies came into being, can be described again and again, enjoying themselves.
They are standardized normal orbit operations do? But found that the industry, there are still a lot of insolvent companies, because they are inconsistent with the purpose of their hearts. Some of his own business as a lifelong career to do, so there is the brand produced; plenty of opportunities to take advantage of it Spank Kuangzhuan a leave, so there is a lot of OEM business; purely down to play some of the capital, make some difference from it, so there is endless miscellaneous brands; corporate debt caught some drag, had become a shareholder, and finally become the boss, so the deteriorating business enterprises, of course, there have been successful brands; some think those people are not as good as their earn a few coins on, there is no reason to not do it yourself? With gambling mentality so he entered this trade, so simply price, regardless of quality, simply sales, regardless of brand, with this attitude of the industry, he was able to support long be imagined.