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JINGLUE profiles excellent performance

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1. Corrosion and chemical resistant
Corrosion is a major problem for metal or wooden grating, stair treads and other products in many different industries such as chemical plants, food and beverage factories, water and wastewater facilities, power facilities. JINGLUE® grating is particularly designed to provide safe, long-lasting, economical and worry-free solutions in environments where chemicals and other corrosive materials attack and destroy metal or wood. According to different environmental requirements, such resins as orthophthalic polyester, is ophthalmic polyester, vinylester or phenolic are chosen as matrix material.  

2. High strength-to-weight ratio
JINGLUE® grating manufactured as a composite of continuous fiberglass strands and high quality resin is integrally constructed for strength, but it is less than one-half the weight of steel grating allowing easy removal for access below floor level and installation with no heavy equipment and less manpower. Properly installed, JINGLUE? gratings meet specified load requirements for steel and are more impact resistant than metal.

3. Fire retardant
JINGLUE® grating has flame spread rating of 25 or less depending on different resin systems as tested in term of ASTM E-84. Test Report can be offered upon request. Special fire retardant requirements can also be met by adding extra additives.

4. Ergonomic
Employees are experiencing fatigue after standing on solid concrete or heavy non-adjustable galvanized steel platforms all day, JINGLUE® gratings are the best solutions to ease the strain on the backs, feet and legs of workers increasing workers’ comfort and productivity due to its natural slight resiliency that makes them comfortable to stand on for a long period.

5. Slip-resistant
JINGLUE® molded grating has a concave top surface for slip resistance after it is extracted from the mold. Should a grit surface be specified, the grit would be either bonded to the top of the completed grating as a secondary operation or embedded to the top of grating before heating, both providing superior slip resistance. Diamond cover top or gritted cover top are also available upon request.

6. Anti-aging
More than 20 years of Life is guaranteed for JINGLUE® FRP gratings.

7. Low maintenance
Install it and forget about it. JINGLUE® grating is easy to clean, its open meshes permitting debris to fall through grating panel and preventing hazardous buildup on walking surface. JINGLUE® grating is free from re-painting year after year not only for the inherent corrosion resistance but also for the molded-in color and ultraviolet resistance character.

8. Safety
NON-CONDUCTIVE property makes JINGLUE® grating ideally suitable in electrically hazardous locations acting as an insulator.
NON-MAGNETIC property allows JINGLUE® grating to be used in sensitive installations where the inherent magnetic properties of metal grating will prove dangerous.

9. Comprehensive economical efficiency
The cost of JINGLUE® FRP grating is about 1.4-1.8 times that of steel grating, installation cost is about 20-40% that of steel grating, and maintenance cost is about zero. But steel gratings must be maintained every year, and the accumulated cost will be a very high sum. So, the cost of JINGLUE® FRP grating is a little higher than that of steel grating, but the comprehensive economical efficiency, plus other advantages, is much higher than that of steel grating.