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Fiberglass reinforced plastic tower manufacturing process de

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The device uses the latest version of CNC filament winding machine manufacturing, concrete manufacturing process is as follows:
1, glass, steel tower production material selection: FRP tower will be manufactured according to our previous experience with the material selection is on a vinyl resin, reinforced material selection E untwisted continuous filament yarn.
2, glass, steel tower production preparation work:
(A) to read design documents, pay attention raw material selection, size of each part, mold selection, overlay design and other key issues to be aware of.
(2) equipment debugging. First, carefully check the equipment running and working parts are normal, especially to carefully check the resin - hardener Dual Cylinder whether there is clogging, the ratio between whether to meet the design requirements; make sure the system lining, wrapping, trimming, stripping and other equipment running stability and precision work;
(3) clean up the mold. Requirements of the mold surface without potholes, dust, debris and other fixtures, molds made to achieve a smooth surface, there are problems in a timely repair and maintenance;
(4) wrapped around a polyester film. To facilitate release, the mold surface to be coated with a layer of polyester film, the film 1 lap width of 2 cm and a thickness of between 40um. Requirements film no damage, no wrinkles, smooth and clean on both sides. Film quality to meet the requirements of GB 13950-1992.
3, glass lined steel cylinder shaped tower production: glass lined steel liner and according to the structure and since the beginning of transition, mainly from the corrosion barrier effect.
(1) liner resin preparation. Press the quality inspection departments according to the prevailing working environment temperature conditions of the resin system for resin lined with dollar, the amount of the ingredients making progress according to a reasonable grasp. When the situation changes, the quality inspection department and manufacturing department should promptly adjust the formula and press the required new formulation with resin;
(2) according to the design requirements ply liner production steps. Lined with steel mold making, injection molding imports Venus gun. Lined with high resin content, has good anti-corrosion barrier effect, the inner layer is a resin content of 92%, 80% resin content of the buffer layer.
(3) process inspection. Finished according to design requirements draping layers, requested a preliminary operating workers quality testing: whether the design thickness lining, if there is poor local plastic, hanging plastic phenomena, whether white, bubbles, if this happens to be timely reporting and measures taken to deal with;
(4) lined with deep curing, stripping.
4, the upper and lower head molding strengthened. According to the structure since the beginning of head lining and structural layers.
(1) fiberglass head liner molding and glass lined steel shell molding process and the same raw material, the use of airbrush spray forming, high resin content. Head lining layer laid, depth curing.
(2) laying head structure layer, spray gun jet yarn with glass cloth alternately. The single glass cloth laying process should impose reasonable tension between moderate overlap and repeated by a combination roller rolling out of the bubble in order to ensure the fiber is completely saturated. Requiring reinforcement layer resin content to meet the design requirements.
(3) inspection process, the depth of curing mold.
5, glass and steel tower assembly:
(A) the curing good cylinder liner and head mold, cut to the size of the design document.
(2) with the cylinder liner and ring assembly head butt, the assembled ring adjusted to nominal diameter Φ-30mm, assembled ring into the cylinder liner, swelling ring to work assembling nominal diameter Φ-15mm, the lower seal exposed parts in the assembly ring caps, slow swelling ring assembly, and measure the lining perimeter and 3:00 (uniformly distributed) in diameter, to meet the standard requirements.
(3) laying seam outer reinforcing layer, grinding the seam area, from the inside to the outside ladder (width increments) laying outside seams outermost width of not less than 500mm. Overall strengthening is completed, lined with resin and chopped strand mat bonding within the seam, from outside to inside ladder (width increments) laying.
(4) process inspection.
6, glass and steel tower overall strengthening:
(A) access to the assembled apparatus housing CNC filament winding machine, grinding, trimming apparatus housing outer surface. In liner drilling mouth, inflatable lining to ensure roundness.
(2) local reinforcement with chopped strand mat under the back cover and the cylinder corner stress concentration zone, adjusting winding angle and head wrap angle, depending on the stress concentration characteristics to adapt head, lower head cladding width greater than 250mm, height of the cylinder cladding 400mm.
(3) uses a multi-Middle, wrapped back into spray jet yarn, the cross-wound toroidal alternately, and by adjusting the speed and tension of the fibers lining, resin content to ensure the tank wall. Oblique bottom underside of the device under the head is not perpendicular to the axis of the device, adjusting winding equipment and winding parameters, the overall strengthening cross-winding device winding barrel length greater than the length of the apparatus main body rotation 1200, the winding down of the equipment yarn formed bud style head cladding.
(4) inspection process, the depth of cure.
7, glass and steel tower assembly nozzle: According to drawings crossed position, install the nozzle openings.
8, fiberglass tower outer protective layer: the overall production of finished (including accessories installed), spraying protective layer, anti-aging gel coat resin added UV absorbers, toughening.
9 inspection.