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Advantages of Fiberglass reinforced plastic composites in bu

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FRP composites have the following potential advantages in building construction -
• Offsite fabrication and modular construction:
1 Better quality control
2 Improved Health & Safety
3 Faster build times
4 Manufacture can take place concurrently with ground-works on site
5 Services can be factory fitted into the structure
6 Ability to automate and mechanise production
• Reduced mass:
1 Easier, faster and more economic installation - smaller cranes required
2 Ability to bring larger sections to site reducing assembly time and cost
3 Less disruption during installation
4 Reduction in size and cost of supporting structure, foundations, etc
5 Reduced energy in transportation to site
• Superior durability:
1 Resistant to atmospheric degradation
2 Reduction in maintenance requirements, through-life costs and disruption
• Ability to mould complex forms:
1New aesthetic possibilities
2 Geometrically more efficient solutions
• Special surface finishes and effects:
1Ability to integrate special finishes and a very wide variety of unusual effects
• Improved thermal insulation
• Sustainability:
1 Possibility of lower embedded energy
2 Possibility of recycling
3Possible use of natural fibres and resins