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The Technical Characteristics of FRP Rebar Materials And App

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1.the characteristics of  FRP Rebar

(1) Explosion-proof anti-static: the cutting does not produce sparks, for roadway construction safety is extremely beneficial.

(2) strong tensile strength: high strength bearing capacity.

(3) easy to operate: in small spaces such as tunnels and mines easy to use.

(4) easy to cut: cutting machine can play a protective role.

(5) Light weight: the same specification steel bolt weighs only 1/4. Thereby reducing transportation costs and make construction easier.

2.FRP Rebar applications

(A) to strengthen reinforced embankment

(2) Terminal seawall reinforcement corrosion

(3) reinforcement of buildings for medical use

(4) Reinforcement subway platform

(5) bridge reinforcement

(6) smelting furnace bottom reinforcement

(7) military build body reinforcement

(8) a temporary basis for reinforcement